How can I keep myself healthy when the infection is in the air all around me?

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Can marma help me protect myself from the damage the virus is doing?

Yes, Marma therapy holds your hand in all difficult times.

In Marma chikitsa, SHODHANA (revitalisation) of the body is taken care of, which is very important for the human body for its efficiency and routine functions.

As a form of preventive medicine, stimulation of marma points induces the flow of PRANA (vital energy) along NADIS (subtle channels forming a complex system) and is a preventive measure against unwanted conditions.

The strength that marma therapy provides to your joints, nerves, and all the body organs keeps them shielded from any kind of adverse effects if you happen to get exposed to the virus.

Marma massage as a part of rejuvenation therapy, not only makes you feel young and energetic but also improves your body’s response to all kinds of external factors that can otherwise harm your mind and body hence maintaining a healthy balance.

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